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The Botched Hanging: A Deleted Scene from The Lightning in Her Veins

The following is my favorite deleted scene from my in-progress novel, formerly THE BINDING OF SAINT BARBARA, now THE LIGHTNING IN HER VEINS. The original manuscript had multiple perspectives, one of which was that of the warden, Charles Durston.  A part of the warden's backstory was that he and his brother witnessed a terrible hanging when they were children, which, in my story, made Charles want to fight for death by electrocution because at the time it was believed to be more humane than hanging.  I incorporated a real historical event into this scene, and to answer your question (you'll know it when you see it) yes, the following is possible because it happened. Unfortunately, having written this scene ten years ago, I have since lost the source of this incident, so I cannot tell you where to find the original story. If anyone does, please do share it! I'll speak to this historical events a little more at the end of the scene. The tombstone of Charles F. Du

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