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 "Her knowledge of writing was extensive and she was able to inspire and enlighten. She has a way of embracing the audience and showing that she cares. Any group that has her as a speaker is in for a treat."

- Dwight Norris
President of the High Desert Branch of the California Writers Club

Most Requested Workshops & Presentations:

Publishing in the 21st Century
Learn how publishing is changing for traditional & indie authors and how they publish in the digital age.

How to Become an Indie Author
From hiring your own editorial team, setting up printing, distribution and conducting your own publicity. It's the Indie Revolution & you can be a part of it!

How to Take Your Idea & Turn it Into a Novel
Learn the secret methods authors use to turn a single idea into a four-hundred page book, from research to beat outlines to character histories and plot graphs, plus much more.

Creating Characters that Readers Care About
Learn how to create lovable heroes and wickedly awesome villains, create sympathy, unique motives, and personalities that leap off the page.

Plotting for Page Turning Stories
Understand the mechanics of plot, archetypes, and what makes beginnings, middles, and endings work. Discover the story essentials that build books.

Bringing Settings to Life
Without dynamic settings, your characters are floating in space, and your story never grounds in the reader's mind. Find out how to research details and present them in a way that creates vivid visuals and sensory scenes.

Writing Careers & Breaking In
Writing for fiction, nonfiction, short story, poetry, journalism, freelance, blogging, or something else? Learn how authors break in and get published in a variety of career paths.

Blogging: Getting Started, Getting Good, Getting Business
Find out how to start a blog, how to write posts that attract readers, use Search Engine Optimization, build a platform, build a community, and use content marketing to attract consumers.

Speaking Experience 
As a speaker, Stephanie Carroll has presented at writers groups, colleges, book clubs, and in art galleries and coffee shops all over California and Nevada. She also has had experience presenting to large groups of over one hundred attendees. Finally, she has also served as a keynote speaker for Women’s History Month on multiple occasions.  

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