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Stephanie Carroll is a professional author, blogger, and speaker and has given keynote speeches, interviews, and workshops up and down California. She has appeared on radio, podcast, and television across the country. 

Watch a video of Stephanie speaking at West Hills College for Women's History Month.

Stephanie can speak on topics such as: 

Women's Issues
Women's History
Contemporary Women's Issues
Women Entrepreneurs
Women in Small Business

Military Spouses
Experiences as a Military Wife & Entrepreneur
Inspiration for Military Wives
Inspiration for Writers Young or Adult

Researching, Writing, & Publishing
Researching and Writing for Setting & Atmosphere
Researching & Writing Historical Fiction
Writing Magical Realism into Your Fiction
Creating Dynamic & Flawed Characters
Plots that Take Your Story From Start to Finish
Story & Writing Mechanics You Rarely Hear About
How to Create Vivid Imagery In Your Writing
Preparing for Publishing: Traditional & Indie
Encouraging & Inspiring Young Writers

Watch a video of Stephanie doing an interview on 
Central Valley Talk

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