Personal Experience 
 & Features
What makes Gothic Fiction so Gothic?

Hazel the Witch
How to Write the Inner Thoughts of a Crazy Person 

The Virtual Victorian 
Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Gothic Classic "The Yellow Wallpaper" Was it a Horror Story or the Victorian Woman's Reality?

Writing Suspenseful Fiction

Lost to Books
Evolution of Horror Fiction and Trick of the Trade

I am Indeed
Historical Accuracy in Historical Fiction

A Writer of History  
Writing an Era – Where to Begin?

Reading the Past
Writing and Historical Thought - They Didn't Think Like We Did 100 Years Ago

Public Domain Photo

Style Reader
Victorian Halloween Party Decorations & Games

Country House Reader
What Makes Victorian Houses Look & Feel Haunted

Victorian Mourning Etiquette & Mentality
Little Known Reasons Why Victorians Made Such a Spectacle Out 
of Death

Victorian Women and the Mystery of Sex

Momma Bears Book Blog
The Story Behind Emeline’s Mental Distress

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