Victorian Houses of the Pacific Northwest

Last I wrote, we had arrived in Washington in our animal-stuffed RV and were in pursuit of employment and we still are. It’s only been two months since our arrival, but it feels like it’s been six or maybe ten. Nevertheless, we have faith that God has a plan for us here and we are just waiting for him to reveal it.

In the meantime we’ve been taking advantage of the amazing Washington weather and doing free things in nature like visiting parks and whatnot. However, if you’ve been following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have also noticed all the pretty Victorian houses, which I’m also including here with a few more details. I wish I could include a detailed history of all these locations, but I just don't have the time, so instead I'm linking each location to said history in case you wish to explore a little more.

Also please note that every house pictured below may not be considered a Victorian. I also included fun houses and other neat locations. Mostly Victorians though.


It's like a stairway to a secret garden!

Raja chillin'.

Above and below are a couple pictures of the downtown area which is crazy cute.

This is just a cute coffee shop my husband
and I used for wifi while in La Conner. Super cute but not Victorian.

Another view of the coffee shop.

This house was clearly renovated and not sure about it's date but so cute!

Not sure when this was built but look at the crown molding below!


This house might not look super Victorian but it has
 a plaque stating that it dates back to 1902 as pictured below.

This house caught my eye because it's purple
and has a bronze painted tower in the back as pictured below.

Admiralty Head Lighthouse at
Fort Casey on Whidbey Island
This misty photo was taken while leaving Fort Casey
but it's definitely Whidbey Island.

They were closed by the time we got there (whoops)
but I got a pic of the spiral staircase through the window, just for you!

Coupeville (a picturesque town on Whidbey Island)

Notice the sign to the right. It's for sale!!!

It's a BNB!

Also a BNB.

Is that another for sale sign? Ooooo!

Hope you enjoyed these Victorians! 


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