Join Me on My RV Adventure through History!!!!

Our lab Raja in the RV.
She loves the captain seat.

This video is the first of many that my husband and I have been making in preparation for our RV adventure, which will involve us visiting a variety of locations that are of significance to Gilded Age & Victorian history up the west coast from Southern California to the Northern part of Washington. We are doing this as a fun part of us moving from Cali to Washington. 

However, we don't like to do things in the most easiest or normal ways, so instead we got a used RV and renovated it. This video is a walk-through that shows you the before renovation. If you want to skip ahead, this video is linked to 17 more videos detailing the renovation and moving process. I'm going to share more of these videos in the coming weeks on this blog and my Unhinged Historian blog, but not every single one because I think our adventure in history is going to be of more interest to you. 

Still, I want to get you caught up on what's been going on and what we've been doing for the last year because it's why you haven't heard much from me as of late. 

Also, here is a little timeline to help you keep track of what's going on:

Picture from a trip to Northern Washington
April 2016
My husband decided to leave his job, and we realized it was the first time he wasn't in the military and wasn't tied down to a job, so we could actually go wherever we wanted (which we've never done in our entire adult lives). After much discussion of climate, culture and nearby family members, we chose Northern Washington.

From April to August we did a lot to our house to make it ready to put up for sale while my husband finished up his degree in computer software engineering and I finished up my second novel. At this point, my husband didn't try to get another job in the area where we lived because we had his GI Bill while he attended college. Besides, we expected to leave relatively soon, so he didn't feel it was ethical to start a new job when he would have to quit in a few months. 
We completely renovated two bathrooms,
put in a new shower and claw-foot tub. 

August 2016
We listed our house expecting to sell it in a month and head up to Washington by October. My husband had also started the process of applying for jobs in Washington.

September 2016
Nothing. No one wanted the house; we weren't even getting walk-through's and no one had offered my husband a job in Washington despite many phone interviews. We lowered the price of the house, and told ourselves it would be okay but for how long? My husband graduated from college that month, which was great but it meant we no longer would receive a chunk of GI Bill cash that was keeping us from depleting our accounts. I decided to get a job and started doing marketing part time for a small car dealership.

October 2016
Still nothing. We started getting worried. We were just hemorrhaging money. Of course my husband was now actively looking for jobs in Washington and had several companies fly him out for interviews. Unfortunately, it turned out he's at this point in his career where he can move up from being a supervisor to a manager, but he doesn't have enough experience for people to be interested in giving him a full moving package. We lowered our price again. We also started to freak out but just a smidge. 

November 2016
Okay, by this point we had started to panic a little. We lowered the price again, and we hoped the end of the election season would end the freeze on house-buying. Apparently, house sales go down around elections of new presidents because people fear things will change radically, especially with the political opponents of 2016. We started to get more views but still very little action.

This was my poor husband after he'd done
a full day of repairs underneath the house.
December 2016
The holidays. No one was even looking, and we were really unsure as to how to proceed. We started talking about my husband throwing in the towel and getting a job come the new year. Then suddenly one day somebody literally showed up on our doorstep wanting to buy our house out right, no inspections or anything. We thought we were saved, but then it turned out to be a total low-ball and the individual refused to negotiate. 

January 2017
Right after the low-ball experience and right after Christmas, we got the miracle from Jesus that we were praying for. Someone put in a serious offer, and we went into escrow after lowering our price like five times over six months. It was a really difficult and stressful process because by this point were were seriously almost out of money but we had to pay for various repairs and issues that came up during the inspection process. 

February 2017
Nevertheless, we closed escrow February 24, and headed to Southern California to spend a couple of weeks with some of our family before heading up to Washington. Thankfully we got a little money from the sale, so we are no longer freaking out financially and are just praising God and Jesus for getting us through this. 

This is where we are at in the process as I'm writing this post so what's next?
This was from right after we signed the escrow papers.

Our Plans for the next few months:
March 2017 
We are going to visit family and make our final adjustments to the RV. Then we will start a two week journey up the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington hitting up beaches, forests, and historical landmarks of interest for the Victorian Era and Gilded Age in America. 

I'm super excited and I hope you are too because I'm taking you on this journey with me!!!!!! So stay tuned!!!


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