Book Club Questions & Recipes (A White Room)

Sherry's Rose Cottage, Tea Room, via Flickr cc.
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Book Club Questions

1. What do you think the significance of a white room is? Why do you think the author chose do use “A” instead of “The” in the title?

2. What genre or genres do you think this book could be considered?
3. When you read the prologue, what did you think was going on? How did this set up the story for you?

4. Did you relate personally to anything that happened in the book? Have you ever felt the way any of the other characters felt? If not, what scene resonated with you the most?

5. What did you think was happening with the house as the story progressed? Did you think the house and furniture was really alive or was it all in Emeline’s head?

6. What role did the house and furniture play? How was symbolism used here?

7. Where else was symbolism used in this story?

8. What was the significance of Lottie to the story and to Emeline in particular?

9. Who was the villain or villains in this story? Was there a villain at all?

10. How did your opinion of John change from the beginning through the middle and to the end? What do you think his experience of these events was like?

11. The novel is told through Emeline’s perspective which is known as an unreliable point of view because she does not divulge everything to the reader – what do think that says about her personality?

12. There are two quotes that start the book. Why do you think the author chose them?

13. Which parts of the story do you think were specifically based on historical facts or events?

14. How did you feel about the controversial direction the book took regarding women’s issues and abortion? Why do you think it went that way?

15. What did you think when you discovered Emeline’s final moments with her father?

16. How did you feel about Emeline’s most difficult choices regarding her best friend and her father? Do you think she should have or could have done something different in those particular circumstances? What about Lottie’s choices and circumstances?

17. The book closed with a relatively happy ending – how could it have ended differently?

18. What do think was the overreaching theme of this novel? 


  1. Dang, I wish I saw this before the meeting. A lot of good points. We covered a few, but those pointers are good suggestions. I enjoyed your book both times. It has been 3 years between between and I've read both the Kindle and paperback version. It seemed a little different, but then again it's been 3 years :)

  2. I think it's probably just different to read it again when you know what's going to happen. =)


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