Summer Shenanigans!

Although I have been trying to get a little more beach in this year, I've really spent the majority of my summer going to town on The Binding of Saint Barbara, my historical novel inspired by the first death by electrocution.

I'm doing my fine tuning edit next, i.e. grammar, vocabulary, imagery, sensory details, etc., and then it should - fingers crossed, hands in prayer mode - it should be ready for beta readers. It's so close to being done that it's just killing me. I just want to snap my fingers and make it happen, but unfortunately, the process is not that easy let alone that fast . . . but we are getting there!

I also had a few appearances over the summer.

I got to meet some amazing authors and fans in Apple Valley at the High Desert California Writer's Club, including author AaronGansky (far right) who runs the Firsts in Fiction podcast and just came out with Hand of Adonai.

He had me on Firsts in Fiction for an episode on MagicalRealism. Make sure to check out his show - I'll be on again in November! I'll announce the specifics on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

I enjoyed talking about Magical Realism so much, I decided to write a series on it, if you are interested:

(Let me know if you know of any others to add!)

Speaking of appearances, I will also be appearing at TheTaste of the Arts in Visalia on October 17th and at The Howard Zinn Book Fair on November 15th in San Francisco. So if you live nearby, come visit me and tell me you are a VIP. I will give you a big hug!

In writing and purple news, I got a new mini-laptop for my 11 Year Wedding Anniversary. It has officially been dubbed The
Purple Top!

My other cool purchase was a fire umbrella! I don't have a picture so you will just have to settle for a video.

As far as relaxation goes, nah, we don't do that, LoL! My husband and I have also used the summer to do some hard manual labor as we started home renovations. We are adding a Victorian slipper tub in one bathroom and fixing a nasty shower leak in the other.

We've also started landscaping because
our lawn died and filled up with weeds.

Apparently, in Central Cali a lawn full of weeds means sun spider heaven, which is bad because sun spiders are the spider equivalent of baby aliens!

I'm posting pics of our renovations and landscaping as we go on Facebook if you want to check it out.

Other than all that ... pretty chill summer. LoL! I hope you had a fantastic summer yourself, and I hope you will have a blissful upcoming holiday season. I know I can't wait!

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