Why Society Says "Women Are Crazy" & How it's Connected to 19th Century Hysteria

Are Women Really Crazy? 
A Women's History Discussion

The video above is of a talk I did for Women's History Month. I spoke at West Hills College on the impact the turn of the century hysteria epidemic still has on modern day women. Here is a little taste of what you will see:

Women are crazy! That's a common phrase now a-days. We hear people say that on television, in music, advertisements, and from the people around us, both men and women, but does that mean women really are crazy? Sure we cry, sometimes we scream, and we might even slam things but are those symptoms of mental illness? I think we'd all have to say no, and yet women can't shake this word - crazy. What's more, women in our society have accepted that they have to hide certain emotions and behaviors for fear of appearing weak or crazy. 

The reality is, that phrase has meaning. It reflects a perception about women in our society, but where did it come from? Why is it a part of our culture? And more importantly, when did women begin to accept it?

Watch my video to find out!


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