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The premise of this book intrigued me even before it became a best seller. The idea is that the main character relives her life again and again, making different choices to produce different life outcomes. I don't know if I would have kept reading if it weren't for my curiosity as to where Atkinson was going with this but when I did, I found myself really enjoying it.

Atkinson has a subtle style and uses a distant perspective (you don't always know what's going on inside the character's mind). It's difficult for me to put my finger on what exactly got me hooked. I didn't feel like I fell in love with the characters or the plot, but I kept listening and enjoying. I do recommend reading it as opposed to listening if you have the choice because the way it was laid out made some parts difficult to follow on the audio book. 

I don't usually read memoirs, but when I returned Life After Life at the library, this was in the available audio book section, and we all know it was a big thing, so I figured it was about time I read it. It turns out to be about a woman searching for meaning and spirituality, which is something that was perfect for me at the moment. As you will read in this edition's section on writer's block, I've been struggling with some life stuff lately so this was a perfect read for me.

Gilbert intentionally divided the book into three equal parts focusing on her time in Italy, India, and Indonesia. I didn't enjoy every part but the parts I did enjoy, I fell in love with. I enjoyed the initial story leading up to why she went on her journey, but I wasn't really into the first section in Italy or the last section when she went to Indonesia, but I do think other readers would enjoy those sections. I personally was just more hooked by the "pray" section of the book. In India Gilbert studied Yoga meditation. I've dabbled with meditation and I love Yoga, so it was very interesting to learn more about it, and this is one of those books where you learn a surprising amount about a specific topic.

I also enjoyed the author's voice as a writer and as a reader. It turns out she read for the audio book. Funny thing, I didn't realize that fact until I had already listened to the entire thing. I kept thinking how great the reader was and how she seemed to really sound like what you'd imagine the author sounded like. LOL!

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